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Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you found yourself accused of a criminal act? While all of us would like to avoid dealing with such drastic situations like these, planning ahead can save you some notable strife in the future! Secure diligent representation and ensure your rights are being protected by working with our team at Law Offices of Timothy J Johns.

Our team carries a lifetime’s worth of legal expertise we can put to work for you and your individual case! With our experience ,we can educate you on the finer details of your case and provide you with a road map to follow that will ensure the highest probability of your success for your case. Don’t trust the protection of your rights to just anyone. Work with a team of professionals in your corner and put this headache behind you fast!

Felony Attorney

Being accused of a felony is a serious situation that calls for your complete attention. Don’t jeopardize the protection of your rights by stubbornly passing up representation from a trained legal veteran. Now more than ever, what you need is a pro with the expertise and technical know-how necessary to protect you. Fortunately, that’s where our team comes in.

Since our firm’s beginning, we have provided nothing short of unmatched professionalism when dealing with our clients’ unique cases. Placing our training and experience at the forefront of our operation, we can ensure that you receive consultations and treatments that have you understanding even the smaller details of your case. From there we can begin crafting a road towards your success in court.

DUI Attorney

Driving while under the influence of any kind of harmful substance is a very serious crime and one that should be handled in a professional manner. If you were accused of driving while intoxicated, what you need first and foremost is secure and trained representation. Naturally, our team of legal veterans is more than capable of helping.

Offering a lifetime’s worth of experience working with DUI related cases, our team carries the diligent training and real world training necessary to help you no matter your individual circumstances. Ensure that your life isn’t permanently altered because of one poor decision. Contact a team hell bent on protecting your rights and know that you will be left in capable hands.

Misdemeanors Attorney

Misdemeanors may be more insignificant crimes but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their impact on your record and future appearances in court. If you are worried about your next appearance in court, know that our team can help by providing seasoned and professionally trained representation.

Speak to a professional from our team and receive an in depth understanding of the decisions you have to make in court. Our job is to ensure that you understand even the smallest discrepancies pertaining to your case so you can ensure success in court. Trust nothing short of the area’s best when defending your rights.

Traffic Law

Accidents on the road happen. Unfortunately that is just an unavoidable part of life. While this may be the case, having professional representation in the case of an accident can protect you from having to shell out money for damages that weren’t your fault. Fortunately for those frequently on the road, our team specializes in traffic law.

Contact a member of our team and receive and in depth understanding of the smaller discrepancies pertaining to your case. With our expertise and formal training in traffic law, we can help you make the decisions necessary to ensure your success in court.